Security Sales Agent

The Position

Position Description:

React Alarms is South Africa’s largest Fidelity ADT reseller. We are a specialist sales group of companies focused on consumer contract sales in residential services including the armed response industry. We are looking for experienced sales agents to join our Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town branches.
Job Description:

Unlike most businesses, our sales agents receive a daily supply of high quality enquiries from our marketing division. This allows them to conclude a significant number of deals every month.

On target earnings for agents is R25,000 per month, with several agents earning much more.
Many of our top agents have no industry experience when they join, but come from other consumer sales environments such as financial services, real estate or telecoms.

Your role will be to meet these prospective customers at their premises and sign them up with Fidelity ADT, as well as provide any other security solutions that may be required.


  • Do you have a proven track record in direct consumer sales, for example in the insurance, telecoms or real estate industries?
  • Are you computer literate?
  • Do you have your own transport?
  • Experience in the security industry is beneficial but not necessary.


  • 3 month onboarding benefit
  • Weekly petrol allowance
  • Guaranteed daily supply of high quality enquiries
  • Industry leading commission structure
  • Monthly performance bonuses
  • On Target Earnings of R25,000 per month

Steps to Apply for this Position

Step 1 – Send us your CV

Please send your CV to with the heading “SECURITY SALES AGENT”

Step 2 – Create a profile on our assessment platform

  • Please navigate to
  • Select ‘New registration’.
  • Complete registration information. Your email and password can be used to log in and continue building your profile, if you don’t complete it in one session.
  • Remember to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select ‘Register a new account’.
  • For technical assistance when completing your online profile or the assessment, please email

Step 3 – Complete the assessment

  • Log into your Profile using your email and password.
  • Please find the time to put aside 45 min to complete the assessment (without any distractions).
  • You only have one chance to complete the assessment.
  • Read the instruction pages carefully.
  • There are no right/wrong answers. Don’t see this as a test, just a way of assessing how you see things and approach problems.
  • Some of the questions are timed. If you go past them you cannot go back.
  • It is recommended not to log out during a section that is timed, as indicated by a counter at the top of the page.
  • Please note that selecting ‘next’ on the assessment saves the current progress.
  • The 1st section is the most challenging and is also timed, take notes right from the start! Don’t let this section discourage you.

Step 4 – Wait for us to get in touch

  • We will review your assessment score as well as your CV.
  • If the results and CV are in line with our requirements, we will be in contact with to arrange a further conversation.

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